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The golden Spot for Eco – Tourism

Do you know why Chumphon province has been known as a golden place for “Eco – Tourism?”

It is very easy to answer this question. Chumphon has been able to maintain plenty of natural resources for tourism which have been untouched by the tourists and unspoiled by the time since these natural resources in other places have been absolutely destroyed, the authorities in Chumphon try to carry out the day – to – day management of the natural resources and take a major role in the conservation of the surroundings.

Chumphon is a city of view. There are a lot of unusual tourist attractions, unrevealed to the world. Traveling Chumphon you’ll meet with a wonderful hospitable climate, crystal sea-water, exotic and native plants and trees.

You’ll be shocked with the magnificent coral beaches and the mysterious underworld sea. More than this you’ll find all private facilities as well as plenty of hotels and restaurants specializing in seafood delicacies. They are all provided for your convenience and for making you experience the excellence of Chumphon hospitality and the uniqueness of the province’s holiday attractions. All of these made Chumphon one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations.

Please come and visit Chumphon for spectacular sightseeing adventures amidst fabulous scenery. You’ll find that there are many more amazing tourist spots to meet your need. Friendly professional staff will show you the other interesting and charming community including the life – style in the sub – districts which is an ideal for the culture lovers at its best.

Amphoe Mueang

Khao Khun Krating Cave

Khao Khun Krating Cave

This cave is situated near the 565 kilometers demarcation, 12 kilometers from Chumphon City Center along Route 41 near Chumphon Luang Suan District. There are two caves which are 30 meters above the ground. There are cement stairs leading to the caves openings. There are colored geometrical drawings on the cliff around the path joining the two caves. These drawings could have been created in prehistoric time.

Kaew Kho Rum Cave

This cave is in village no.12, Banna Subdistrict, Muang Chumphon District. It is 25 kilometers far from Chumphon City Center along Route 41 near Chumphon-Ranong District. There are many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites inside. This caves interior has also two caves. They called Tham Lom is the cave that goes throughout and the wind can always pass through it very well. Tham Kaew’s interior contains strikingly beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, in various animal shapes.
Kaew Kho Rum Cave

Phra Yai Temple

This temple is in village no. 1, Wisai Nua Subdistrict. It is far away from Chumphon City center to the South about 29 kilometers, along Route 41 near Chumphon – Luang Suan District. There is the Largest Buddha image of the southern provinces established outdoor on the hill-top. It is accessible by car. There are wide car-parking and beautiful scenic park for relaxation and prying scares Buddha images inside.

San of Sadej Nai Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak

This place is in village no. 7, Had Sai Ree Subdistrict. It is 20 kilometers far away from Chumphon city center, along highway. This is a scared place of the people in Chumphon and nearly provinces. At this place stands the Monument of Admiral Phra Boromawong thir Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak. It consists of San of Sadej Nai Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak is at the north of Sai Ree beach. The Shrine faces the sea. There is a museum which shows about his biography and things which he used. A large torpedo-ship named the Royal Chumphon is also here. It is 68 meters long and 6.55 meters wide. This ship was decommissioned on November 26,1975. The Royal Thai Navy gave the ship to Chumphon province in 1979. After that it was put near this monument.San of Sadej Nai Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak

Khao Chao Mueang

This mountain is next to Hat Sai Ri along the coast for 2.5 kilometres. On top of this mountain, there is a pavilion for view watching. And further from this area around one kilometre, there is an open area where a panoramic view of the various islands in the sea can be viewed.

Thung Makham Bay (Ao Thung Makham)

This scenic bay area consists of Thung Makham Nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays. Using highway no.4119 and 4098, for 27, and 31 kilometres to Thung Makham Nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays, respectively. They are half-circle beaches, adjacent to each other, separated by the line of rocks. With long line of coconut trees and quiet surroundings, these beaches have very fine sand. By the south end, Wat Suwan Khuha Khiri Wong or Wat Pong Pang is located under the shade of the coconut trees. At the back of the Wat facing the sea, is a long cliff of more than 80 metres.Samet Island

Samet Island

This island is at village no.1 , Pak Num Subdistrict, far away from Chumphon city about 8 kilometers First, take a bus along road no. 4119 (Chumphon Pak Nam) about 17 kilometers from this place, then takes the boat for 30 minutes away from shore to get there. There is the beach at the top, and at the middle of this island. It is the Chumphon largest island the end of it, there is a big well, Siamese fighting fish. This island is crowned with coconut trees. This supports it looks beautiful and calm.

Matapon Island

This island is at village no.1, Had Sai-Ree Subdistrict. It is the nearest of Had -Sai -Ree beach about 1 kilometer away. It is a small island with while sand beach, complete nature. The western part of this island is about 50 meters long. It is also a swallow’s nest concession island.Lang-Ka Jew Island

Ngam Island

Being in the south of Ao Thung Wua Laen. It is a medium Island, there are Ngam-Yai and Ngam-Noi, far away from the shore about 17 kilometers. It is a swallow’s nest concession island. The most interesting places are beautiful coral reefs and underwater caves around the island. These island are best for diving.

Matra Island

This is a big island which is only 45 minutes away. In front of the beach, there are many rocks. Visitors can spend their time snorkelling to see the corals around the island. On the island, there are facilities such as accommodations, restaurants, and fresh-water bathing services. This island is in the area of Chumphon Islands National Park.Khor Son Beach

Thonglang Island

This island is in village no.3, Had-Sai-Ree-Subdistrict. It’s area is approximately 3 Rai. You can go along Highway 4119 (Chumphon-PakNum) about 17 kilometers and pick up a small fishing boat from there. It takes 30 minutes. This island is the medium size, it has a beautiful, white sand beach is 75 meters long. The island is surrounded with plenty of attractive coral. The place is suitable for camping and relaxation. The depth of the sea around the island is about 1 meter. The tourists enjoy diving and fishing at night.


This island has the shape likes (shino-shaped). It is in the southern part of the Chumphon sea. You can dive around the island to see a wide diversity of beautiful marines lives e.g. the coral which grows in abundance, species and plenty kinds of fish.San Lak Mueang

Lang-Ka Jew Island

This island is a swallow nest’s concession. It has many beautiful scenery, round the beach the sea is about 3 meters deep, there are many kinds of beautiful corals. The person who takes care of swallow’s permit the tourists see the beauty of the corals around the bottom of sea.

Military Youth Monument

Being 5 kilometres from Chumphon on the left-hand side of highway No.4119 (Chumphon – Paknam route), this monument is built to commemorate the bravery of Chumphons heroes for their fight against the Japanese troop invasion in 1941 during World War II.

Kula Island

This is a small island, up far away from Thong-Lang Island, you can see from the shore. Many tourists and fisherman stay here in order to take refuge from wind or storm.

Pak Nam Chumphon (Chumphon Mouth)

It is about 13 kilometers from the city center along Road no.4119 and 4001. This place is one of Chumphon Essential economic area. Going through will find many interesting islands.Thalu Island

Khor Son Beach

Although the beach is a mixture of sand and mud which is not quite suitable for swimming, we will still recommended you this beach, because it has many species of shellfish, for example root-like shellfish, Jar like shellfish, white shellfish and small clams. You will enjoy yourselves picking living shellfish on this beach. Khor Son Beach is accessible from Chumphon-Paknam Road, about 6 kilometers you turn left at the foot of Tha Yang Bridge to at asphalt road, Paknam Chumphon (old route) and keep going for another 3 kilometers.

San Lak Mueang

If you go back highway no.4098 and 4119 unit you reach Chumphon town Hall, on the opposite side you will see Chumphon SanLak Muang, the scared symbol of the city construction of people in Chumphon.Paradonparp Beach

La-Va Island

This beach is small, it is about 15 meters from the shore. There are more than 10 kinds of corals along the top of the beach the end of the beach, There are many kinds of fishes such as No-Ree, Nok-Khaw, and many kinds of colors, like the coral. The tourists dive around the island to look at coral.

Thalu Island

This place is 13 kilometers away from Chumphon mouth. It is a small limestone island. It is island which lies along the north and south, and is 100 meters long. There are two caves over river. It is possible to swim a across from one side to the other side. There are accommodations on the island, but tourists may stop to visit the island to look at coral and variety of marines flowers.Phadaeng Beach


It is next to the south of Lava-Island. It takes about 30 minutes by boat from the shore. There is no beach in this island the depth sea is 2 meters. It is surrounded with plenty of corals, and many kinds of fish. The tourists like to fishing at the day. There are may swallow nest. 

Paradonparp Beach

This beach is 12 kilometres from Chumphon by highway Nos. 4119 and 4098. This is a large beach, parallel to the road, which is shaded by coconut trees.Cho Fah Sala Loi Temple

Pha Daeng Beach

Being 14 kilometres from town by the same route to Hat Sai Ri or 2 kilometres from Hat Pharadon- Phap, this beach has a 10-metre red cliff which has been eroded by wind and rain and has turned to the shape of a curved bridge. It is also one of the best sites to view the sea and is suitable for relaxation.

Sai Ri Beach

This scenic and popular beach is about 20 kilometres from Chumphon by highways no.4119 and 4098. There are bus services from town to the beach. It is a large and curved beach and it is one of the favorites amongst Chumphon people for their relaxation. There are someaccommodations and restaurants available along the beach.

Cho Fah Sala Loi Temple

Khao Phang ParkLocated on Chumphon Ao Thung Wua Laen route, tourists can reach this temple by turning left for 6 kilometres, before reaching Chumphon Irrigation Office. This old Wat is worshipped among the Chumphon people through the strong faith in Luang Pu Song. (A most revered monk whose body has been believed to be in an undelaying condition after his death. A big Sala tree is inside the Wat with orange flowers and strange looking shape stem. (Lord Buddha was born under Sala tree)

Khao Phang Forest Park

Situated at the border of Amphoe Mueang and Tha Sae, this park is 12 kilometres from Chumphon along highway no.4 (Chumphon – Tha Sae route). In the park, there are many kinds of plants. At the front, are the parks gate and Prince Chumphons Shrine. The top of the mountain is both the cut-edge cliff suitable for hangliders and the view-point for Chumphon town.


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