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SEEK Press Release


Tata Young supports Phuket Green Island, and reuse bags.. just say NO to single use plastic bags..



Phuket, Thailand. 21st February 2012.

Phuket will become Thailand’s first province to embark on a major plastic bag reduction campaign with an official launch involving Phuket government organisations and the Phuket based SEEK environmental sustainability NGO on Monday, 27 February, 2012.

The campaign will, also, for the first time, include all retailers on the island signing up to a co-ordinated, Phuket wide initiative to reduce plastic bag use. 

SEEK member and Head of IUCN Southeast Asia, Dr Robert Mather said the plastic bag campaign was one of many environmental sustainability programmes now under way to ensure Phuket’s environment meets the demands of existing and future development.

“This partnership between the Phuket authorities, SEEK and business is vital to maintaining Phuket’s positioning as one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. We must act now to ensure Phuket’s environment is clean, green and sustainable in 20 years time. The plastic bag campaign is immediate and tangible evidence that with the right support, education, strategies and commitment we are turning this problem around,” Dr Mather said.


SEEK is asking the retailers to please include a number of actions including:

  • stop giving away free single use plastic bags except for fruit, meats, fish and bakery products;

  • sell REUSE [re-useable] bags to customers at a cheap price to make it good value and accessible;

  • promote signage at check-out points in multiple languages;

  • advertise your custom REUSE bags in local media ;

  • support customers to use the REUSE bag using discounts, points or giveaways or faster checkout;

  • train staff to understand reasons for the initiative and to continue at home to Reuse bags, and Recycle waste;

  • commit to distributing fully bio-degradable bags and bio-d bathroom and cleaning products;

  • encourage suppliers to carry products in large packs, reducing plastic wrappers.


Getting all major retailers on Phuket to sign up for the campaign—Tesco Lotus has agreed to an initial step of having one plastic bag free day a week which all the Island is starting– has taken considerable effort but had received strong support from local authorities. After introduction retailers will phase out all single use plastic use and be more/efficient/resilient companies.

“We are very appreciative of the support we have received from retailers and local authorities which will enable us to move forward with confidence on the plastic bag, and other environmental issues, facing Phuket,” Dr Mather said.

Plastic bags are a major environmental problem on Phuket because of litter, from a “throw away mentality,”

The litter, (mostly plastic) enters the ocean and kills turtles, dolphins and whales that mistake them for food.

They block drains creating floods (Bangkok, Kamala, Surin, Patong and Phuket Town) and

They harbor water that breeds mosquitoes.

Many countries in the world including nearby Burmese and Bangladesh anti plastic campaigns were initiated from flood problems & blocked drains. 


On Monday 27th February @4pm

A beach cleanup on Surin Beach on Monday starts at 4pm at main car park.

We will finish at 5pm at TESCO Express in Surin beach for free drinks and Tesco will giveaway 100 new style REUSE bags. If busy please try to join us at Tesco at 5pm

On August 23, 24 and 25

SEEK will hold an eco forum and festival highlighting a wide range of initiatives, green products, sectoral workshops, educational/fun activities and SEEK’s inaugural environmental awards.

All major Phuket governmental, retail and other businesses, NGOs, schools and environmental groups will be involved.


About SEEK:

SEEK stands for Environment, Economy, Education and Knowledge. SEEK is a voluntary group of  Phuket citizens devoted to improving the environment through a number of active programs aimed at reducing all forms of pollution, waste and environmental degradation through sustainable environment initiatives. 

Contact: Sean Panton,

Email: Tel: 0833915869.

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