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From Robert Steele, Sustainability Asia

Phuket intro: What effect individual actions have?

Enabling individuals and communities to act and to care for Phuket requires that they feel empowered and enabled to act upon their feeling and concerns about the future. A good first is through the dissemination of information and access to the appropriate channels for voicing their concerns and bringing about change. This is one of the primary aims of SEEK. Information must be available in ways which take into account the different perspectives on our island as well as the different cultures, ages, education level and socio-economic backgrounds.  Sustainability is the responsibility of every single person on Phuket, whether they are school children, teachers, business leaders, taxi drivers or tourists.

The first action individuals should undertake is to examine their own relationship to sustainability. This includes attempting to understand what the impacts of their use of resources are, how the marine and terrestrial ecosystems work, and what the knock-on effects are of the activities in our daily lives, such as water use, waste generation, vehicle use and work, recreation and entertainment activities. We should not see sustainability as something extra we have to do in already busy lives but something that is integral to our everyday lives. When questioned on their values and what they aspire to in the future, most people will say they are trying to create something better for their children, whether it be just at home, or in education, or in career and work opportunities. This is precisely\the principles of sustainability SEEK is striving to achieve. The only difference is that sustainability can only start with each and every individual who then combine efforts towards common sustainability goals. Collaboration will produce far greater benefits for individuals and their children than individuals striving on their own to do so. Commitment to sustainability means a sharing of common goals and a vision for an improved quality of life in Phuket for everyone.  

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