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From Sean Panton, SEEK co-founder

After living in Phuket for over 10 years and always trying to give back as much as possible to the community and being engaged with nature it was a natural transition for me to want to learn more about how to help.


My first exposure to conservation was with Mr. Heinecke and the Marriott group, when we opened the JW Marriott Phuket we started the Mai Khao turtle Conservation project with the WWF and Dr Robert Mather. I was resp0onsible for working with the foundation and developing the action arm of the initiative, it was very rewarding and something I wanted to pursue long time.


My adopted son Dreem and I were very excited to join Klaus Hebben at Thanyapura to help develop the project for Phuket and the region, after a little while there I was lucky enough to have to help Klaus find somebody to head the school program, this drew us to an old contact of mine and inspirational man Mr Lister Hannah.


As Lister took the rains he started to teach me about Sustainability and introduced me to The Atkisson group of which I attended a Compass Sustainability Training workshop, the light bulb went off immediately and I decided on the spot to start SEEK Phuket, a Sustainability NGO to help write a sustainability plan for the island and to align the government, NGOS and private sector in this push. Klaus having been involved in many projects that do good work encouraged me and gave me the time and the resources to get the ball rolling  


To get the project started I approached my old friend Nick Anthony who had been campaigning tirelessly for the island who loved the idea and agreed to help me with the project as a partner.


I then set out to set up an illustrious group of coalition members to help with the project such as John Grey, an old friend and supporter of the planet, we had worked together on the turtle campaign many years before. Dr Robert Mather also and many other key players such as the Governor of Phuket and the Green Council members etc. Everybody was very receptive and we are super excited about the future SEEK will help to bring to the island. Dr Paul Chamniern was the final piece of the puzzle and has been instrumental in the planning and strategy of the project, he is a wonderful man and loves Phuket very much.


My dream is that we are able to help support the growth of the island by offering a tangible plan for its expansion and management of its resources, align the people involved and serve as a  community base for people who want to help.


I love Phuket and a call it home and hope the see it clean enough and safe enough for my son Dreem to enjoy when he is older.


One way I do this is by offering the corporate groups that travel to Phuket the chance to engage in positive work while here and educate them along with schools on how they can help:


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