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Going Green Radio Show #2 Phuket sustainability




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The Radio show : Going Green

What about sustainability

Saturday 5th November 2012, 5-7 PM

Special guest:

Sean Panton

Sean is the SEEK co-founder and has been a community educator for most of his career. Sean is passionate about the environment and long term sustainability and has been supportive of Mai Khao since forming the Marriotts Turtle foundation 10 years ago.

Today’s discussion was about Phukets sustainability, where we discussed the formation of SEEK, the plastic bag single use bag ban, SEEKs sustainability workshop in January with the Atkisson Group to support charting Phukets future, and the eco festival in August at the JW Marriott with Mai Khao beach community and an art festival at Thanyapura.

Reflect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, reTweet


Currently the world us just under 400ppm in CO2 emmissions  and heading to 450ppm but we should be heading the other way, decreasing towards 350ppm.

The UK supported Japan and Russia in potentially delaying an agreement at the climate change meeting till 2018/2020. The meeting takes place in Durban at the end of November.

Of 7bn population 1.3bn do not have access to electricity. That catch up is dooming.

The UK is saying that they are expecting 4 degree C increase by 2060


Pacific Gyre about to be hit by Japan tsunami debris, as much as 5mn tonnes, a task force is being prepared.


Phuket launch no single use plastic Dec 5th. by end Feb all major retailers will adopt one day per week NO Plastic bags, and will aim to be plastic bag free.

You can register at the Phuket Provincial hall from Dec 5th to pick up a reuse bag with 20 plastic bag returns

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bangladesh, 10 years without plastic bags.

They were banned because of flooding, as has the Congo, Bombay & Burma.

The IUCN is talking a request for single use bag bans across Thailand as a flood relief program.

NEWS: UGANDA electric car, the KIIRA, built by 25 students whilst working on an electric bus… Phuket needs electric cars and busses.


Rick O Barry received a humanitarian award for supporting the stopping of dolphin slaughter at Taiiji in Japan.







The first step to is to create broad public awareness of the problem—its magnitude and its implications. Only then can our whole society begin to recognize the systemic changes that will be required. The solution is clear: in order to save our planet and secure a future for our own species and all species, we need a new worldview. We must recognize that technology alone cannot save us. We must realize that business-as-usual is no longer an option. Instead, we need to create fundamental change in our culture, our minds, and our hearts. Unique among all human generations, those of us alive today have been given a great opportunity: one last chance to preserve the vitality and magnificence of the living planet that brought us into being, and is our only home.

We need to be sustainable: a dynamic process that can enable all people to realize their full potential and to improve their quality of life in ways which both protect and enhance the earths life support systems.

To understand these complexities, as a first step, SEEK used a COMPASS approach.

N = Nature

E = Economy

S = Society

W = Wellbeing

On the SEEK website we detail how this approach works, and how COMPASS can be used in everyday life to help you to make better choices in play and in work.

A compass workshop is planned in January at Thanyapura with the Governor and other public and private sector leaders. Robert Steele from sustainability Asia will lead the workshop, who worked on New Orleans and the Nile river delta sustainability plans. From this plan a blueprint will be implemented around the Andaman region.


Make your first steps, your past is past, your future is before you, you can change, you can adapt and you can be an educator and change agent.


Reflect, think about your actions, refuse single use plastic bags, straws & polystyrene


Reduce, your waste


Reuse what you can, including composting


Recycle as much of what’s left


Responsibility, to our planet




Re-tweet, tell others


SEEK, for a better world.


NEWS reviewed in the show were from retweets by indigonick


Nick Anthony


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