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REDUCE Plastic Water Bottles & Straws

Be smart at home

According to the Earth Policy Institute (EPI), 1,500 plastic water bottles end up as rubbish every second. In 2004, over 28 billion plastic water bottles were sold, with 86% ending up as rubbish. To produce these bottles, 17 million barrels of oil were used, that could have fuelled 100,000 cars for a year. US$100Bn is spent on bottled water every year…. For a fraction of this cost, everyone on the planet could have safe drinking water.

At shops like Homepro, for 5,000 – 10,000 baht, you can buy an effective water filter to run off your home water tap that supplies pure drinking water without the need to buy bottled water. Use home tap filtered water to fill a water bottle and bring with you in the car, to the office, or to a meeting…

If a majority of people filtered their own tap water, the expense, abuse, energy consumption and waste of plastic water bottles would be mitigated. 

In the hotel, plastic water bottles have traditionally been used for convenience, though over the long term, plastic water bottles are very expensive. With more effective, convenient and cheaper water filtration and treatment systems, quality drinking water is inexpensive and readily available, as evidenced by Evason Phuket, which has built a renewable drinking water treatment plant.

By processing and treating waste water on site, using reverse osmosis, three stage filtration, and ultraviolet light, they have been able to make the Evason Phuket plastic bottle free, providing still and sparkling water in recycled glass containers now available in all rooms and restaurants.

Although glass may be costlier in the short term, it is sanitary, safe, reusable and prevents cross-over contamination associated with some plastic bottles.

In Phuket, Kurt Appel installed the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system at the Evason Six Senses Phuket and at the Phuket International Academy, plastic bottled water has been completely done away with.



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