Phuket landfill at Saphan Hin in Phuket Town
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Reduce Litter

CLEAN BEACH ALERT: Message from a bottle…

During one of the worst days of trash on the beach at Surin Beach we coordinated a cleanup and catalogued around 200m of the collected debris & garbage before dark. The numbers were astounding and all west coast beaches were slammed

In total we collected about 60kgs that comprised:

366 plastic bags

203 ropes and pieces of netting

166 plastic bottles

97 food wrappers

79 beverage caps/lids

39 straws and an assortment of other debris, shoes & plastic spoons.

Extrapolate this out to 27kms of west coast beaches on Phuket and you end up with 135 times what we collected, on one day, dumped on our otherwise beautifull beaches:

49,000 plastic bags

27,000 ropes

22,410 bottles

13,095 food wrappers

10,665 beverage caps

5,235 straws

Total garbage on Saturday would have been around 8,100 kgs or over tonnes

Can you imagine if this happened every day when the westerly blows, and Phuket was hit with 49,000 plastic bags per day… well this is the future for our Island unless every person in Phuket stops treating the island as a disposable environment.

On behalf of all residents on Phuket we beg you to:


The westerly winds that bring plastic in from the Andaman sea will continue each year from April to November and it will take all of our efforts to pick up trash where we see it, on the beach, in a drain, by your house or office, and reduce the amount of litter that is flowing into the sea.


Since the start of 2011 the Phuket local government have changed their roadside grass cutting strategy, to include collecting all litter before grass cutting which makes a huge difference. Surin and Kamala particularly are very noticeable in the difference, and regular cleanup crews are spotted on highways, in Phuket town and in local communities… well done Phuket, a good first step.


Phukets landfill site at Saphan Hin


Phuket town landfill



Phuket manages just under 600 tonnes of waste a day that is landfilled or incinerated (about 250t/day)

A new incinerator comes on stream in Q3 2012 that will double incineration capacity.but burning it is not the answer. Island wide curb side recycling and stronger anti littering will be long term changes that are needed.


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