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PILOT: Phuket Plastic Bag Ban 2012

Superstar Tata Young shows off her IUCN reuse bag…



Kings Birthday kick off December 5th

Phase in over 84 days to Tuesday 28th February



Aim to have stopped as many shops giving away free plastic as possible

“To ensure long term sensible, sustainable policy from Phuket retailers to actively campaign in support of a greener phuket, with a media campaign to educate staff and customers of their new actions. “



1.    Aim to Ban all free single use plastic bags (except fruit, veg, deli) &  follow all SEEK recommended sustainable ideals reported quarterly.

  • Be listed on SEEK website as “Phuket Green Island” supporter.
  • Available only to retailers that stop giving away free plastic bags.
  • Use SEEK logos in shops and in advertising

 2.    One day a week ban


Phuket has been promoting a plastic reduction ban for two years, and has agreed to start with a one day per week bag ban. The island has been lobbying for a total ban, with retailers like MAKRO kindly stopping free single use bags, and we expect all retailers to move to a complete ban after consumers have been educated. 

TESCO had been holding out from joinig but have announced in October 2011 that they have agreed to join Phukets plastic reduction plan with stopping bags one day per week also, which completes support of all major retailers.

TESCO also have agreed to support a polysytyrene ban and phase out all polystyrene products in line with CENTRALS ban.

At the new Thalang hypermarket they have agreed to put all bags under the counter with signage and media educating staff and consumers.



  1. Bags sourced from OTOP are 100 baht
  1. Cloth bags available at all tailors in Phuket at standard price of 70 baht
  • Hotels and Groups can custom their logo and message to giveaway to guests and charge in wet markets
  1. All retailers will sell their own private label reuse bags at subsidized price, at cost or at a minimal profit, ensuring customer support


TOTAL Campaign distribution target of 840,000 bags. 

CENTRAL have donated 40,000 bags

TESCO donated 1.2mn baht for free bags

BIG C and VILLA Market also have contributed bags



From Dec 5th you can go to the Governors office in Phuket town and with 20 plastic bags and your ID or passport get a free Reuse bag… get involved… go do it and show your support ….



From a flame comes a fire…. 7/11 & Tesco Thailand plastic bag reduction initiatives.


Bangkok Post: lifestyle April 2012


7/11 launches a Thai campaign called Kidtoong Kidtoong (think twice before using a plastic bag)to promote 15 to 25 year olds to make a video on reduce resue recycle ..




PHUKET: April 2012

Phuket News promotes the launch of tomorrows plastic bag reduction initiative by TESCO that Sean and I will be attending at 1.30pm at Tesco Thalang, all are welcome.


Lets keep the momentum going…. and thanks for your support

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