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PILOT: Nai Yang Beach

Sustainable Smiles & SEEK Pilot program

“Haad Suay, Talay Sai”




Phuket TODAY is in a waste management crisis. 600 tonnes of trash is created daily, landfills are at capacity, roadsides are a dumping ground, littering is prevalent and our oceans are becoming PLASTIC OCEANS, facing a crisis of littering and over fishing.


  • Roadside & household litter
  • Waste Bin overflow
  • Runoff from residents homes and streets through the Kamala Klong on south end
  • Fishing fleet throw over board garbage inc nets and bulbs
  • Limited Kamala town recycling or composting
  • Limited retail support from vendors


Up to 1,000 full bags a day of trash hits phuket beaches every day from land based sources, mostly litter and from the fishing fleet. There is a noticeable increase near the Klong mouth indicating trash coming from the village.


Mosquitos breed in roadside litter, increasing dengue fever, plastic bags and waste block drains and have increased floods, plastic waste in the ocean kills marine life and dirty beaches deter tourists.


A full time private sector supported initiative in collaboration with the local government for waste pickup and local community education that will support a clean and green Nai Yang.



Mr Green program through December 2012

  1. A full time beach clean program starting November 1st with uniform/ hats, sunscreen and knowledge of REDUCE:REUSE:RECYCLE


  1. Additionally a key employee at each Hotel and business is appointed as a Mr Green to co-ordinate this Nai Yang Green campaign and support area wide implementation.


The Nai Yang Green club will meet monthly in 2011 to assess progress and support education.


Nai Yang Green Club committee


Responsibility: will co-ordinate the program with support of the local Or Bor Tor to introduce the Governors NO PLASTIC campaign in Nai Yang village kicking off on December 5th in support for the Kings 84th Birthday and support REDUCE,REUSE & RECYCLE eductaion.


Beach cleaners Mr Green Responsibility:

  • pick up litter
  • support green education to all vendors including teaching REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, No Plastic, composting and energy reduction
  • Give supporting retailers SEEK door stickers supporting NO PLASTIC BAGS
  • help create a Nai Yang beach map
  • monitor water runoffs
  • identify recycling stations (existing and recommended)  
  • ensure enough quality bins (existing and recommended)
  • Co-ordinate SEEK signage in multiple languages at main locations


Daily report of waste picked up, separated & recycled. Recorded volumes will be submitted through SEEK to the International Coastal Cleanup group monitoring global beach trash.


Island Wide Rollout:

This is a pilot program of private sector beach support to maintain a beautiful beach.



Members agree to these key charters:

  1. We will not use plastic bags
  3. We will not use polystyrene products, take away containers, cups or trays
  4. Agree to host a training program for all staff introducing this program



Membership split into five groups.

  • NOTE all payments will be 3 months in advance so accounting not difficult.
  • 5 quarters, 5 payments till  Dec 2012
  • Annual payments at 20% discount
  • Individuals will pay one amount, one year


  1. Large hotels, 79 keys+. 3,000 baht monthly
  2. Medium Sized hotels, 30-79 keys, 1,000 baht monthly
  3. Small Hotels, less than 30 keys, 500 baht monthly
  4. Rental villas, 500 baht monthly
  5. Individuals and small businesses: Minimum 500 baht donation annual membership



Initial Kamala Green Financial supporters:


Large Hotels


Indigo Pearl


Medium Hotels





Small Hotels/ Established Restaurants/ Large retailers





Small Businesses/Individuals





  • allowance for additional beach bins/equipment
  • Additional resources required for recycling stations and signage on case by case basis



Nai Yang Beach : Sun, Sand & Sustainability

“Haad Suay, Talay Sai”

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Retweet

STOP single use plastic bags polystyrene/foam takeaway containers from Dec 5th 2011

REDUCE waste volumes through recycling and composting

EDUCATE employees, customers, tourists and locals.

BECOME a SEEK member in support of a Green kamala community


CAUSE: Unchecked free plastic bag use, throw away mentality, lack of regard for environment and short term attitudes


EFFECT: Waste crisis, Litter problem, Dirty beaches, Plastic oceans, Community health degradation, Dengue fever outbreaks & Flooding from blocked drains by litter and plastic



  1. STOP single use plastic bag campaign starts Dec 5th for the Kings birthday
  2. STOP the use & distribution of take away polystyrene containers
  3. STOP throw-away plastic straw use
  4. SELL a Re-use bag
  5. Green education for suppliers, employees and customers
  6. PR and communication program by public and private sector
  7. Make your work and home Energy Efficient: Change Light bulbs to LEDs, reduce off hours lighting, turn down your aircon 10% & Use fans
  8. Personally use reuse water bottles and setup a filtered water refilling station
  9. RECYCLING STATIONS: Paper, Plastic, Metal, General, Compost, Hazardous

10. Become a SEEK member

11. Transparent major retail green programs detailed on  

12. Implement the reflect, reduce, reuse, recycle and retweet program


Thank you for a clean ocean,  the Turtles & Dolphins in the Andaman Sea. XO

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