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PILOT: IUCN Mangroves for the future

Tata Young promotes and supports the IUCN “Ridge to Reef” reuse bag with mangroves for the future.

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) is a partnership-based initiative promoting investments in coastal ecosystems that support sustainable development. MFF provides a collaborative platform for the many countries, sectors and agencies tackling the challenges to coastal ecosystem conservation and livelihood sustainability and is helping them to work towards a common goal.

MFF builds on a history of coastal management efforts before and after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, especially the call to sustain the momentum and partnerships generated by the immediate post-tsunami response. After focusing initially on the countries worst-affected by the tsunami – India, Indonesia, Maldives, Seychelles, Sri Lanka and Thailand – MFF has now expanded to include Pakistan and Viet Nam. MFF will also continue to reach out to other countries in the region facing similar challenges, with the overall aim of promoting an integrated, ocean-wide approach to coastal area management.

MFF seeks to achieve demonstrable results through regional cooperation, national programme support, private sector engagement and community action. This is being realized through concerted actions and projects to generate and share knowledge more effectively, empower institutions and communities, and enhance the governance of coastal ecosystems.

Although MFF has chosen mangroves as its flagship ecosystem, the initiative embraces all coastal ecosystems, including coral reefs, estuaries, lagoons, wetlands, beaches and seagrass beds. Its management strategy is based on specific national and regional needs for long-term sustainable management of coastal ecosystems. These priorities, as well as newly emerging issues, are reviewed regularly by the MFF Regional Steering Committee to ensure that MFF continues to be a highly relevant and responsive initiative.




On Monday 27th February 2012,Central Festival Phuket (CFP), the ultimate one-stop shopping and entertainment destination under Central Retail Corporation Limited is celebrating “Environment Rehabilitation” by inviting customers and Phuket towners to join the continuous mangroves reforestation project “5th Save Phuket Save Our Planet” at moo 6, Baan Bor Rae , Tambol Vichit, Ampur Muang, Rim Lay Restaurant entrance Deputy Govenor of Phuket Mr.Jamreun Tippayapongthada are leader preside over the event together with Central Group’s executives and staffs.

Miss. Wilaiporn Pitimanaaree General Manager, Central Festival Phuket reveals “The mangrove reforestation project is part of corporate social responsibility policy and 8th Anniversary of Central Festival Phuket Celebration. The objective of the project is to encourage Phuket’s people to prevent global warming problem and reserve seashore’s ecology.

In the morning of the mangroves plantation, more than 150 peoples including Central group’s executives, staffs, customers and Phuket Towners are prompt at the mangrove field Mr. Surachat Chalarat the chief of Communities Environment Protection in Phuket Public Benefit Organization Forest has demonstrated the accurate planting and provides knowledge on the advantage of the mangrove forest to seashore is that it helps to prevent shore erosion, slow down the speedy wind and home for coastal lives.

Central Festival Phuket has committed that the environment protection will be continued as Phuket is one of the top destination for tourists.


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