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Phang Nga Conservancy

Phang Nga Bay Conservancy was a natural development for the International Business Association of Phuket (IBAP) to initiate. In many ways all members of IBAP are connected to Phang Nga Bay, some directly as tour and diving businesses, and others indirectly as beach visitors with family and friends.

Stewardship is a word that needs to be an understanding, for all those living around and operating within Phang Nga Bay. And stewardship is education, life style and involvement, and that is a place where we can get involved.

We all know Phang Nga Bay is being stressed with excessively destructive toursim and pressures from the surrounding communities. There is a general decline in fish populations, living reefs and general water quality.

Our mission is to serve as a sort of clearing house for projects needing resources, and resources needing projects.


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