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ISIS stands for Indicators, Systems, Innovation and Strategy:

the ISIS Method, a sequenced and collaborative approach to tackling challenges in a systemic way through the lens of sustainability. 

The ISIS Method is a framework that provides a shared language for everyone in an organization. It can be used in virtually any situation, from visioning to problem solving, to strategic planning. And because it approaches any situation using the lens of sustainability, it serves to increase return on investment, enhances employee and customer satisfaction, and lessens risk and unintended consequences.Here in Phuket we are utilisng the Compass approach with ISIS methodolgy to study and plan for Phukets future.

1. Indicators
Indicators are the gateway to understanding. Finding the right indicators, and analyzing them accurately, requires profound observation and reflection on possible areas of influence.

2. Systems
Indicators lead to the investigation and discovery of systemic interdependencies, together with points of leverage for boosting effectiveness and accelerating change.

3. Innovation
Acting successfully in a sustainability change process requires the ability to “step out of the box” and come up with genuinely new ideas to apply at the identified points of leverage.

4. Strategy
Realizing the potential of innovative ideas requires thorough planning, a clear adoption and diffusion strategy, and the ability to adapt quickly and decisively to changing circumstances.

The ISIS Method can help you master relevant technical information and coordinate technical experts in situations when it is not possible to become a technical expert yourself.

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