South Carolina Private Investigator License Requirements

When a private investigator wishes to start an investigation business in South Carolina, he or she must apply for a private investigation license. To do so, a person must be at least 18 years of age and a United States citizen. He or she must also post a $10,000 surety bond.

Why would you hire a private investigator?

The requirements for obtaining a license vary depending on the type of investigation. For instance, in order to obtain a PI license in South Carolina, an individual must have at least three years of experience as a law enforcement officer or in another investigation-related field.

Licensed private investigator sc is also required to undergo a criminal background check. This includes any felony convictions. They are also not allowed to hold any position that would make it impossible to keep their license.

In addition to the above, a private investigator must be 21 years old to carry a firearm. Private investigators who want to work with guns must complete a firearm training course.

For a PI to obtain a license in South Carolina, he or she must have a degree in criminal justice or a related field. Graduate degrees count as one year of experience, while an associate’s degree counts as six months. Those who are employed by a licensed private investigation agency or a private firm may also meet the experience requirement.

Licensed private investigators in South Carolina must renew their license every year. Each time they do, they must demonstrate 12 hours of continuing education. These hours must be completed within 24 months of the renewal date.


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