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  • Phang Nga Conservancy

    Phang Nga Conservancy

    Phang Nga Bay Conservancy was a natural development for the International Business Association of Phuket (IBAP) to initiate. In many ways all members of IBAP are connected to Phang Nga Bay, some directly as tour and diving businesses, and others indirectly … Continue reading

  • Thai Diving Association TDA

    Thai Diving Association TDA

          The Thai Diving association (TDA) was founded on 12 December 2004 and registered as an officially association in Thailand on 20 March 2005. TDA is the national diving association of Thailand and internationally recognized by being full … Continue reading

  • Green Fins

    Green Fins

      Why Green Fins?  Monitoring of the socio-economic impacts/benefits of coral reefs has been noted as a common and urgent need in the SE Asian region. As a contribution to, and in support of, relevant work undertaken in the region, … Continue reading

  • Plastic bags cause flooding, ban the bag in Bangkok

    Plastic bags cause flooding, ban the bag in Bangkok

    Ban single use plastic bags in Thailand REDUCE Flooding   Thailand is facing its worst ever floods, which have inundated most of the country, whilst almost all other provinces have seen localized flooding such as here in Phuket town, Patong, … Continue reading

  • PILOT: PMBC Breeding program

    PILOT: PMBC Breeding program

    History The Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) was established under a bilateral agreement between the governments of Thailand and Denmark after the 5th Thai-Danish Expedition in the Andaman Sea area off the coast of Thailand in 1966. The first bilateral … Continue reading

  • PILOT: Aleenta Turtle Foundation

    PILOT: Aleenta Turtle Foundation

    Aleenta Resorts & Spas Mai Khao Marine Turtle Initiative, managed by corporate social responsibility group, Pure Blue Foundation, which also pioneered the groundbreaking reef restoration project off the coast of the resort. The Pure Blue Foundation was created by Aleenta … Continue reading

  • PILOT: Laguna Turtle Foundation

    PILOT: Laguna Turtle Foundation

    The Sea Turtle Release project aims to raise funds and awareness in support of the Phuket Marine Biological Centre and Third Naval Area Command, Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtle Release Program– A program that includes a study of nesting behavior … Continue reading

  • PILOT: Mai Khao Turtle Foundation

    PILOT: Mai Khao Turtle Foundation

    The Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation was launched in March 2002 during the grand opening celebrations of JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa to raise funds and awareness of the endangered leatherback turtles which nest on the Mai Khao Beach.  … Continue reading

  • PILOT: IUCN Mangroves for the future

    PILOT: IUCN Mangroves for the future

    Tata Young promotes and supports the IUCN “Ridge to Reef” reuse bag with mangroves for the future. Mangroves for the Future (MFF) is a partnership-based initiative promoting investments in coastal ecosystems that support sustainable development. MFF provides a collaborative platform … Continue reading

  • PILOT: Aleenta Resort, Phang Nga coral planting

    PILOT: Aleenta Resort, Phang Nga coral planting