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Tommy the Turtle – School Play format


Put on a play… You will need the following


Equipment ;-  Fake Sea grass, Toy Fish, Plastic wrapper, Plastic Spoon, Ice-cream Stick, foam lunch box, and a bin

Total – 7 students

Commentator @@ – The note are marked in RED


- 2 Students as commentators
One Say in English,
One say in Thai


5 students for
Big Grandfather Kong
Chang Noi
Nok Noi


Start the play..


Commentator @@
Tommy lives in the Andaman Sea off the coast in Phuket, and spend about 12 hours a day swimming around, playing with his friends


Tommy  swimming & say – “ Hi I am Tommy the Turtle, and I like to speak on behalf of all the Turtles, all the fishes and all the dolphins in the Andaman Sea.”


Dolphin swimming & say – Hi I am the Dolphin, I am Tommy’s friend I play with Tommy all the times.


Tommy  Say – I like to eat a lot, my favorite food are sea grass and mangrove leaves that hang into the water. I also love to eat jelly fish, crabs and little fish.


Grandfather Kong swimming in and say – Hi I am grandfather Kong, I am a BIG leatherback Turtle, I am nearly 4 foot long and weighs as much as a baby water buffalo!


Tommy pointing at Kong & say  – I want to be as big and strong as HIM so I eat all the time.


Commentator @@
One day Tommy came across a sparkling chocolate wrapper in the water, it looks like a fish…..


Tommy say – Yummy, Fish, I am eating quickly …..(Aumm)


Tommy bite the plastic wrapper & pretend he can not breath


Commentator @@
Oh NO, it is stuck, Tommy can not breathe, Tommy can not spit it out, nothing.
Dolphin sees Tommy in trouble and grabs him with her flippers


Commentator @@
Dolphin lead Tommy swimming as quick as they can.
Tommy climbs up to Bang Tao Beach to get air and struggled through the waves and lay exhausted on the beach.


Oh No..Tommy  is going to die….


Chang Noi walking in & say – Hi I am Chang Noi, I am playing on Bangtao beach with My friend…


Nok Noi  say – I am Nok Noi, we are enjoying the cooling water.


Commentator @@
Nok Noi saw Tommy crawl up on the sand and that he was very tired.


Nok Noi points & say – “Look Chang Noi, its Tommy the Turtle and he is in trouble”


Commentator @@
Quickly they went over to help.
They saw the plastic wrapper sticking out of his mouth and that Tommy couldn’t talk.
Chang Noi reached down with her trunk, curled her tip around the plastic and pulled it out.


Tommy Say – “Cough cough, splutter splutter, ahhhhhhhh, that’s better, I can breath again. “


Nok Noi sighed in relief.


Tommy Say – thank you Chang Noi and thank you Nok Noi, you have saved my life, you are my good friends.


Chang Noi & Nok Noi Say together – Good, you are OK, we want you to be my friend too.


All the Animal say together – Please don’t hurt us Turtles and Dolphins, we love Phuket and we love swimming in clean water.


Commentator @@


Please do not litter.


When you drop your litter by the road, it gets washed into the gutter which goes to the Klong and finally into the sea garden.


The plastic bags are shiny and look like food, so fishes, dolphins and my turtle friends eat it.


Tommy said – I have also eaten plastic bits,


Dolphin Said – ice cream sticks


Kong said – white lunch boxes.


Tommy say – I will try anything but my tummy doesn’t like it,


Dolphin say – and it doesn’t taste good.


Chang Noi say – Please put all your rubbish into the garbage bin and not on the street or around the house.


Nok Noi say – You never know where it goes or who tries to eat it.


Everyone say together


 - thank you for saving Phuket and we send you a big kiss from the sea.


Keep Phuket Clean


Keep Phuket Green


Everyone Jump up.


The End.


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