Interior Shutters Colchester

Interior shutters are a stylish window dressing that not only add a focal point to your room but also provide a great deal of benefit too. They offer light control, insulation, privacy and the ability to shut out the sun or allow it into your home when required. Read more :

The benefits of shutters extend to their durability and ease of maintenance too. They can be wiped clean to remove any dirt, dust or grime they may accumulate, and unlike some other window treatments they do not require regular washing or re-painting.

They are also highly durable and can be fitted with child safety features for use in children’s rooms and playrooms. Our range of shutters are available in a number of different colours and finishes to complement your décor, including a full range of painted options from white to natural wood effects as well as a range of composite timber and craftswood options.

Creating Ambiance: Interior Shutters in Colchester Interiors

When closed, shutters are not only a great way to block out sunlight and heat but also sound from the street and neighbouring homes too. By blocking out external noise you will create a quieter living space, ideal for bedrooms where streetlighting and early morning light often disturbs sleep.

The slats of louvered shutters overlap one another when they are closed to offer the best possible level of light blockage and privacy. This can be further enhanced by adding a mid-rail to separate the upper and lower sections of the slats so that you can open the top and close the bottom of your shutters independently of each other.

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