Who Can Carry Out A Legionella Risk Assessment?

Essentially who can carry out a legionella risk assessment but it must be done to the standards set by HSE (Health and Safety Executive). It should be noted that it is a legal requirement for those who are responsible for a building, complex or water system to have adequate training in the subject.

In some cases, landlords are better off bringing in a specialist company to do legionella assessments on their behalf. Typically this is where they have multiple properties to visit and/or large, complex water systems. A specialist company would also be well placed to advise on when a legionella assessment should be reviewed.

A reputable professional should have the following attributes:

Knowledge Of The Relevant Health And Safety Regulations:

Ability To Conduct An In-depth Legionella Risk Assessment:

Experience In Carrying Out Legionella Risk Assessments:

Access to Appropriate Equipment:

Professional Indemnity Insurance:

They will inspect all taps and showerheads, report on any redundant pipework, investigate any outdoor hoses and assess the status of the hot and cold water tanks in the loft. They will visually examine the condition of any limescale and will conduct a temperature survey of the water. They will also take a sample of the mains water supply for testing and record the results.

Once the inspection is completed they will prepare a comprehensive report and recommend suitable control measures to reduce the risk of Legionella growth. The report will then be made available to all relevant people and the monitoring and review process will begin.

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