Scamp 13 Foot 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

Scamp campers are the cute little fiberglass egg-shaped trailers you might see on the road. They are built to be lightweight and easy on fuel, and can be towed by almost any capable passenger car or truck. Scamp 19 foot 5th wheel travel trailer have a long reputation for durability, and are often kept by their owners for decades.

How much is a Scamp 19 fifth wheel?

Scamp makes two different kinds of small travel trailers, a standard 13′ model and a 19′ Deluxe. Both have floor plans and options to customize the look of the interior. These trailers can sleep up to six people, depending on the chosen layout. The standard 19′ model weighs around 2000 pounds, while the deluxe version is closer to 2400 pounds. Both versions can be pulled by most small vehicles, but you will need a fifth wheel hitch to pull the deluxe model.

All of the Scamps are made by hand in Backus, Minnesota. They use oak and birch wood, and the company has been in business for more than 50 years. Their reputation for durability and ease of towing has earned them a cult following among many recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

The price of a new Scamp depends on the floor plan and seller-chosen options. The company does not release a general price list, but will supply callers with one upon request. Buyers can have their new Scamp delivered to their home or pick it up from the factory in Backus, Minnesota. They also offer a rental program for those who want to try out Scamp camping before making a permanent purchase.

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