How to Create an Indeed API

indeed api

Indeed is a indeed api  that connects companies and job applicants through a range of tools including job advertisements, company reviews, salary information, and more. The Indeed API allows developers to access this data for their own applications.

Damien is planning a business trip to Denver, CO, and wants to find a hotel that matches his budget and preferences. He uses the travel website’s API to request deals from various hotels and airlines, which he then compiles onto one page so that he can book his flight, hotel, and rental car all at once. The API also enables him to use his previous trip data to identify restaurants that he might enjoy during his stay in the city.

Exploring the Indeed API: How to Access Job Data and Enhance Your Job Search Platform

To create an API, you must first apply to become a publisher and receive an publisher ID from Indeed. Once you’re approved, you can integrate jobs from Indeed into your site and earn revenue with each click to a sponsored job. Indeed also provides publishers with easy-to-read reports for traffic and earnings.

You must agree to the terms of service for the Indeed API in order to access its content. This includes agreeing that you will not embed the API into third party systems and that you will only use the data for your own client services (such as an ATS). You must also agree to periodic audits by Indeed to verify usage.

A plan is a group of API resources or subsets that you can choose to include in your application. Plans are used for governing subscription approvals and API rate limits.

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