Commercial Property Conveyancing

When it comes to property transfers, the legal process can be complicated and confusing. A conveyancer will help you navigate the legal jargon and complete all the paperwork required for the transfer of ownership. Whether you are buying or selling commercial property, a residential home or a vacant block of land for development, our team at Roman Lawyers will guide you through the process from start to finish. Find out

Unlike residential conveyancing, commercial property conveyancing is more complex and requires expertise. It involves the transfer of title to buildings that house a business, such as offices, warehouses and industrial units. A successful commercial property transaction involves negotiating a contract of sale, arranging finance or a loan, and preparing the necessary documents for settlement. We can assist you with all the legal requirements of a commercial property purchase or sale, from drafting the contract to finalising and registering the transfer of ownership.

Legal Aspects You Must Know: Commercial Property Conveyancing in Melbourne

Our professional conveyancers have extensive experience in commercial property transactions and can assist you with buying, selling or transferring the title of any type of commercial property. We can also advise you on any issues that may arise during the transfer, including GST treatment and other tax implications of commercial property investments. We can work with you, your accountants and any other trusted advisors you have to understand the plans for your commercial property and make sure all legal requirements are met. Our fee structure is transparent and upfront with no hidden costs or fees, so you know exactly what to expect.

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