Sports Relays For Kids

Sports Relays are a fun and engaging way to get kids active. These games can be used during recess, summer day camp, or whenever you have a large group of kids to entertain. These relay races work especially well for kids since they have a definite starting and ending point as well as a turn or running interval.

Relay races allow athletes to cover a distance that would be impossible to run on their own. Some of today’s Olympic relay events are up to 200 miles long! Read more

Athletes on a relay team are placed at points around the track with the fastest athlete taking on the first leg. The second and third legs are run by athletes who have varying strengths. Choosing the right runner for the last leg, known as the anchor, requires an athlete to be a good accelerator/starter, have great bend running skills, and possess speed endurance.

Team Bonding on the Track: How Sports Relays Strengthen Relationship

The most critical part of the relay is the baton exchange. A sloppy or missed handoff can cost a team the race. When the incoming runner approaches, the outgoing runner gives the receiver an auditory signal such as a shout of “stick!” to indicate that it’s time to receive the baton.

Another relay game that is a lot of fun involves pairing kids into teams of equal height. Each pair uses a scarf, bandana, or piece of cloth to tie their adjacent legs together. They then race to a marked distance and back and tag the next pair. The team with all their pairs completing the race first wins.

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