Preventive Maintenance and Riverside Paving

Pavement is one of the most costly infrastructure assets a community owns and maintaining it to its maximum useful life requires an integrated, proactive approach. Preventive maintenance strategies are designed to extend the pavements life span and postpone costly reconstruction, thereby saving taxpayer dollars.

Who is the CEO of asphalt?

The Village has invested in a number of preventive maintenance techniques including: slurry seals, micro-surfacing and crack sealing. These treatments reduce the rate at which an individual roadways quality declines over its life and help maintain its high level of service. URL :

In addition to the traditional reactive methods, the Village also utilizes an innovative maintenance strategy known as “Riverside paving.” This innovative technique uses pervious paving materials such as concrete or pavers to help mitigate storm water runoff and soil erosion on public roads.

Riverside paving is a low-cost, sustainable alternative to traditional asphalt construction that allows for more drainage and less pollution. Pervious paving also reduces the need for repaving in the future as compared to conventional asphalt parking lots.

Recently, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) recognized two contractors for their exceptional work on state road surfacing projects. Simon Contractors, of Cheyenne, received the Smoothest Pavement with Wearing Course award for its I-80 project, and Riverside Contracting Inc. of Montana won the Smoothest Pavement without Wearing Course award for its work on US 14 near Dayton. Both projects are considered to be of high-quality, providing an exceptionally smooth ride for motorists.

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