CO2 Leak Detectors

CO2 leak detectors

CO2 leak detectors  are used to monitor carbon dioxide levels in confined spaces. These devices are often necessary in industrial settings where carbon dioxide is frequently used. Carbon Dioxide is odorless and colorless, but is heavier than air, so it can replace oxygen in confined spaces and cause asphyxiation. A CO2 gas detector is useful to detect and alert workers to the presence of carbon dioxide in a confined space before asphyxiation occurs.

The sensitivity level of a CO2 leak detector is determined by how quickly it reacts to the presence of carbon dioxide in its environment. This is accomplished by the sensor’s ability to track a CO2 waveform as it moves through the airway circuit. This waveform is created by a combination of dead space gas (that lacks the CO2 introduced from the lungs) and alveolar gas, which can be detected as a flat line on a mainstream capnograph.

CO2 Leak Detectors: Protecting Your Environment from Carbon Dioxide Hazards

When searching for a CO2 leak, it is important to scan the area slowly and thoroughly. This will give the CO2 detector enough time to sample the air and provide accurate ppm readings. Typically, the areas of highest leakage are found around connections, valves and line bends and junctions.

Unlike flammable refrigerants, which have an additive that smells like rotten eggs, CO2 is odorless and colorless, making it difficult to detect without a CO2 leak detector. Fortunately, there are a number of reliable CO2 leak detectors available to help you find and fix carbon dioxide leaks.

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