ECD Automotive Design Builds a Defender 110 Custom

defender 110 custom

The defender 110 custom is the perfect SUV for anyone looking to combine a traditional four-wheeler with the convenience of a car. Its square silhouette and rugged body make it a great companion to city drives, and the air suspension can be adjusted for more comfort and a more livable ride.

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the benefits of a traditional Defender, ECD Automotive Design has an incredible custom build available for sale. They’ve taken an old-school 1989 Defender 110 and transformed it into a fully customized SUV that is ready to take on anything the road throws its way.

It’s a stealthy Defender that looks like it would be able to rip through the desert apocalypse, but there’s much more going on under the dark-colored exterior than meets the eye. This restored Land Rover is the latest from the renowned ECD Automotive Design, and it’s the ultimate love letter to a family SUV.

Building Your Dream Defender 110: Tips for Designing and Customizing Your Off-Roader

Designed with a classic, romantic look in mind, Project Sweet Pea is powered by a mighty LT4 engine and features a striking blue finish. The interior includes reclining seats that will hold up to seven passengers.

This reborn Defender is also equipped with a modern audio system that includes an Alpine Halo touchscreen and JL Audio speakers. It’s rounded out by a backup camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

Himalaya is a South Carolina-based shop that specializes in Defender restorations. Its builds use galvanized chassis and LS-swapped engines to reimagine vintage Defenders in better form than they ever left the factory. They come in three build levels that combine punchier performance with modern amenities.

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