How Domain Reputation Is Calculated and How to Improve It

domain reputation

Domain reputation is a key factor in how well your emails are received by mailbox providers. A good reputation can make your emails stand out in the inbox, while a bad one can cause them to go to the spam folder.

How it’s Calculated

Each email receiver assesses your domain reputation differently. Some services keep their calculation factors a secret, so malicious spammers can’t game the system.

How to Improve It

The best way to improve your domain reputation is to send high-quality, relevant emails to your subscribers. This will ensure that ISPs and mailbox providers trust your emails and show them that you’re not a spammer.

Aside from sending good emails, it’s also important to keep your email lists clean. This includes deleting inactive addresses from your list and unsubscribing users who haven’t opened your emails in a while.

Why Domain Reputation Matters for Your Online Business: Understanding the Impact of Your Website’s Reputation

A big part of domain reputation is how your audience engages with your content. If they aren’t opening your emails or unsubscribing en masse, it can be a serious problem for your brand.

It’s a good idea to use a double opt-in when you sign up your followers. This will help you avoid accidental signups and spam complaints.

If you’re experiencing a decline in your domain reputation, it may be time to slow down your email sending until you see improvement. This will help you regain your email reputation and increase your open rates. You’ll also need to address any email marketing practices that are causing your reputation to decline, like sending spammy emails or using fake IP addresses.

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