Full Service Medical Billing

Full Service Medical Billing Service Locations – eMed Partners is a solution that provides complete revenue cycle management services for insurance claims billing, patient billing and hard money collections. Private physician and group practices can choose a full service option, or a stand-alone option that targets specific areas of billing.

What is medical billing cycle?

The medical billing process begins when a patient calls to schedule an appointment or registers at the hospital, providing their demographic and insurance information. This data is then recorded and entered into the practice’s billing system. This data is important to the billing process, as it helps identify whether the patient’s insurance plan covers certain services and if the insurance company will reimburse those costs.

This is why it’s important for the billing team to maintain standard operating procedures when collecting patient information. This ensures that information is captured in an accurate and timely manner, and allows the billing team to ensure all of the appropriate information is included in a claim.

A good medical biller will have certified professional coders that scrub claims before submission to payors. This can improve first-pass acceptance, which means your claims are more likely to be accepted without rejections or delays in payment.

Some medical billing companies may also offer a patient portal, which enables patients to view their statements and follow up on unpaid charges directly. This can be helpful, especially if statements go unpaid for a long period of time.

Lastly, medical billing fees are typically calculated on a percentage basis. This is an ideal way to offset the overhead costs of your medical billing department, as it ties directly to the net collections collected by your practice.

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