Thailand Gaming – How to Make Money in Thailand

If you’re interested in entering the gaming industry, Thailand has many opportunities for you. This article will discuss the industry and its potential business opportunities, as well as the laws and regulations for gaming in Thailand. There are also a few key differences between the Thailand ค้นหาได้จาก now  industry and other gaming markets in the world. First, games in Asia are typically developed for mobile devices. While American and European gamers focus on beautiful graphics, immersive experiences, and compelling stories, Thai gamers are more interested in games with social networking features and mobile availability.

How much do gamers earn monthly?

In Thailand, the gaming market is estimated at around $700 million, according to Newzoo, a business analytics firm. While the industry is still in its infancy, many sponsors are already flocking to the country’s gaming scene. They are investing in the long term, predicting a return in five to ten years. The government has also stepped in to support this new market segment, allowing competitive gamers to flourish in Thailand.

The gaming industry in Thailand is growing at a rapid rate. Currently, more than four percent of the country’s population plays a game of some type. This can include games for PC, mobile, or console devices. In 2018, the industry generated more than 330 million USD in revenue, placing Thailand second in ASEAN.

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