SEEK Recycled art fair & Environmental exhibition Aug 24th 2012

SEEK Environmental Exhibition

Various exhibitors to support the vision of Green Phuket in “I Go Eco”

Interactive stations showcasing technology such as organic farming, hyrdo power, wind power, solar power, recyclable roofing

School project competition, Compass Pyramid Training and Exhibition

GE water desalinization, green leaf, hotel products, Ecolab cleanides, solar companies, wind turbine and other eco energy sources, TAT green tourism, SEEK Phuket, tour ECO companies and more

SEEK Environmental Eco Arts Fair

Celebrating the vibrant “eco arts world

Exhibition to include photography, sculpture, painting and performing arts show by the children

Local artists to display their work and host workshops

Competition in areas above with prizes and work to be used in the project

Large joint effort Eco Sculpture to be done on site